World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine

Humanitarian aid to Ukrainian rural citizens and small farmers aimed at rebuilding their homes and farms 


The World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine is a charity fundraising project

aimed to help Ukrainian village citizens rebuild their homes and restore their small ag production capacities

after damage by russian military forces.


Houses destroyed

On the 24th of February 2022 russia has declared a war to a democratic Ukraine. From the first days of the war, russian terrorists have been shelling civil buildings, bombing people’s homes, deliberately destroying local hospitals and schools. 

People murdered

Thousands of civilians have been murdered and millions of Ukrainians have suffered substantial to total losses in their properties.
As of mid-March 2022 according to the foreign assessments the damages to private real estates in Ukraine, infrastructure, industrial facilities, communication lines and many of both civil and military objects in Ukraine were totaling about $500 billion. Unfortunately, that is not yet the end.

Rural areas suffer

The damages have been made not only to big cities, but also to beautiful Ukrainian villages, where there are no military infrastructure, but where all the people are running small to medium agricultural production.

An industry that bears significant losses due to the russian war in Ukraine, but is not prioritized yet is agriculture. 

Ukraine is one of the top 5 agricultural countries in the world which can feed up to 600 million of people (source: ministry of agriculture in Ukraine). 

Ukrainian Ag industry is supplying ag produce to a number of other countries worldwide including Northern Africa, Middle East and Asia. Inability to fulfill our mission in the fields might result in the substantial reduction of food supply worldwide, and for some countries in Africa the consequences can be detrimental.

According to FAO, as a result of the war, between 20 to 30 percent of the arable lands in Ukraine will either not be planted or will remain unharvested during the 2022/23 season. The yields of Ag crops on the remaining lands also likely will be adversely affected due to lack of inputs. 

It is a fact that citizens of Ukrainian villages run small scale agricultural production: grow ag commodities in their backyard gardens, raise some farm animals, collect and process mushroom and berries in the woods. All members of their families are usually involved in the production. With a limited access to resources rebuilding their homes, storage premises or production equipment is very difficult for them.

The commodities produced by the individual small farmers make up a substantial share in the total production of those nationwide


horticultural produce


dairy produce


small grains



Targeted aid

The aid from the WRRU project will be provided in the form of materials and services to those citizens of rural areas of Ukraine, who suffered from russian bombings and who will be able utilize the resources quickly and with most effect to the overall situation in the village. Thus it is expected that the renewed ag production in the village will also result in the stimulation of local social services and rebuilding the infrastructure.

The WRRU process of granting aid is done according to the prioritized purposes:


Fixing, re-construction or total rebuilding of homes and living premises (walls, roof, windows, doors, electricity and sewage)


Reconstruction of production capacities including the barns, stables, garages and storages necessary to continuing small agricultural entrepreneurship


Renovation of damaged agricultural equipment/machinery, is necessary to continue small agricultural entrepreneurship


Purchasing farm animals and some of the vital inputs necessary to continue small agricultural entrepreneurship

Travelite team uses its trusted network of farmers throughout all the regions of Ukraine to identify the individual families, who are in most need to be helped. The aid recipients’ selection is done strictly according to the approved criteria and can not be influenced by subjective judgements

How it works:

Criteria for help:

How you can donate:

For the convenience of legal international money transfers the algorithm goes the following way:
American NGO LIFENETS   >  Ukrainian NGO AVA  > Subcontractors

PayPal Option


PayPal account of our partnered NGO in the USA – LifeNets, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

“A Penny per bushel” Option

Anyone can pledge to donate 1 cent from each bushel of crops or each pound of ag produce from the future harvest

Wire Transfer Option

Please, contact Roman Grynyshyn  roman@travelite.com.ua or +15735890050 or +380979965047 for other options


Travelite Agency

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Official partner of Europe’s largest supplier of potash fertilizers in Ukraine K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH

Quantum TM – Kvadrat LLC fertilizers producer



Association of Veterans in Agrobusiness

“Helping Ukraine Together” Charity fund


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