We are proud to present our board of ambassadors, including well known scholars and trusted experts.

Dr. Charles Stoltenow

Higher Education Administrator, Extension Program Leader, and Professor passionate to lead within an organization that leverages science and evidence-based education to improve people’s lives and the communities in which they live. 

Administrative Expertise: Creating effective stakeholder partnerships, team building, public speaking, writing, policy analysis and development, budget management, program planning and evaluation, coaching, performance appraisals, and mentoring.

Neal Kinsey

Neal Kinsey owns and operates Kinsey Agricultural Services Inc. KAS specializes in soil fertility management. Their detailed soil audits determine specific fertilization programs based on each individual soil and its fertility requirements.

Neal has been consulting since 1973 after completing a program of study developed and taught by Dr. William A. Albrecht. Consultations include clients with small holdings to large farms and both conventional and organic farms. Consulting practices includes soils received for analysis and recommendations from all over the United States and from 75 countries, principally from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and France.

Neal also conducts courses on the Albrecht/Kinsey soil programme worldwide.

Cameron Peirce

Connor Peirce is the sixth generation to farm the family’s land, which is located in the Lincoln Township of Hutchinson. Cameron grows cotton, alfalfa, oats, wheat, soy, corn, canola, sunflowers and lots of cover crops – including mung beans, red clover, turnips and rye. Connor is on board with all these crops. This year, the father and son team are looking into growing sesame seeds.

Jeffrey Kostiuk

Jeffrey applied Research background began in 1996 when he was hired to be the Manager of the PCDF based in Roblin, Manitoba by the producer run board of directors. In 1998, this position evolved into continued management of PCDF as Diversification Technician through Manitoba Food and Rural Initiatives. Jeffrey has been called upon to provide leadership and direction in the development of PCDF and its projects from conception through to the presentation of end results. This has involved many and varied roles including; applying for and sourcing out funding for yearly projects, providing presentations to interested user groups, development of plot plans, land development, seeding, harvesting, equipment maintenance, supervision of summer staff, data analysis and compiling the results into the PCDF Annual Report.

Dr. Steven Van Vleet

Dr. Steve Van Vleet works directly with farmers, ranchers and fruit tree growers all over Eastern Washington. Steve was working full time under a weed science professor when he completed Masters degree in 1995. Deciding he wasn’t quite done with his schooling, he was encouraged by his mentor and professor, Steve Miller, to earn his Ph.D. in agronomy.
Nate Blum

Nate Blum is Executive Director at The Nebraska Grain Sorghum BoardFinding innovative solutions in support of agriculture, education, and urban and rural communities is imperative to the long-term sustainability of US nation. His career has been, and continues to be, dedicated to these ideals.

Dr. Raymond C Ward

Dr. Ward (Ray) founded Ward Laboratories in 1983. Ray received B.S. and M.S. Soil Science degrees from University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 1959 and 1961 and a Plant Science Ph.D degree from South Dakota State University in 1972.

Dr Kelley Tilmon

Kelley Tilmon is a professor in the department of entomology at Ohio State University. Kelley works in field crops and most of her time spends helping farmers to deal with problems caused by insects and their crops.

Dr Paul Bilsborrow

Dr Paul Bilsborrow is Senior Lecturer in Crop Production and Bioenergy,
School of Natural and Environmental Sciences,
Agriculture Building,
Newcastle University,

Yuri Lysak

Chief Agronomist at AGRO REGION (Ukraine)
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