Planting Season Results

Planting Season Results

Regardless of the danger, Ukrainian farmers continued planting season. Considering the military actions, market situation, and lack of inputs, farmers were forced to reconsider planting maps and the acreage for each of the crops. As a result, the change in the structure of sown areas is:

  • spring wheat – 200 thousand hectares ( 42 thousand hectares in 2021);
  • soybean – 1.25 thousand hectares (1.3 thousand hectares in 2021);
  • corn – 4.6 million hectares (5.5 million hectares in 2021).

Harvest could fall to around 65 million tonnes of grain and oilseeds this year from 106 million tonnes in 2021 due to the russian invasion.

One of the important problems is the destruction of the fertile soil layer by shelling. Moreover, 30% of farmland is now occupied or unsafe. Ukraine needs to demine 270,000 sq km of its land. Another problem is that the russian army is targeting wheat fields to torch harvest. Fires are hard to put out. Recently, 82 hectares of grain crops burned out in Mykolaiv oblast.

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