BiWeekly Update on UA – Midterm

BiWeekly Update on UA – Midterm

All Ukrainian cities continue to live under regular shellings of  russian missiles. Statistically, every single Ukrainian military object attack precedes by 13 attacks of civil objects.

The cities of Kharkiv,  Zaporizhzhya, Mykolaiv,  Bakhmut and neighboring to them towns are being constantly attacked literally with everything russian army has: artillery, missiles,  drones, tanks etc.


August 15:

Kharkiv – attack to the housing estate in Saltivka – 5 people were injured, and 2 are in critical condition.

A combine exploded while working in the field in Sumy oblast. The combine operator survived, but was injured during the explosion.

August 16:

Kharkiv attacked twice  –  university,  civil blocks,  tram depo,  garage coop. Fortunately, no one was injured.

City of Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk oblast) four people were injured in chaotic shellings from ZAES.

Zhytomyr military airfield was attacked. Equipment and runway were damaged. Personnel was in the shelter.

August 17:

Zatoka town  (Odesa oblast),  destruction of the resort and several private buildings. 4 people were injured.

Mykolaiv city university shelling. Fortunately, no one was injured.

August 18:

The most terrible shelling of Kharkiv city – an attack to the cultural center, a hostel, and a tram depot resulted in the death of  21 people, including a 13-year-old child. 42 were injured.

Mykolaiv city attack, one person died and two more were injured.


  • Armed Forces of Ukraine are effectively using the Western artillery actively destroying the enemy’s weapons warehouses and airbases.
  • It is officially stated that none of the 20 HIMARS and its analogue units has been terminated yet.
  • Foreign media admitted that  Ukrainian Armed Forces are using Western weapons more effectively than anyone expected.
  • Ammunition warehouse near Dzhankoy town in  Crimea which hosted anti-aircraft missile complexes. A railway and a power station were also reported damaged there.
  • The military air base in the Crimean village of  Gvardiyske. According to the head of Bellingcat,  Hristo Grozev, it was hosting the 37th mixed aviation regiment of the russian space forces,  consisting of two squadrons (24 aircraft – 12 Su-  24M and 12 Su-25SM). It was estimated that russians Black Sea Air Fleet has lost half of its aircrafts there.
  • Explosions at the Belbek military airfield near  Sevastopol, Crimea – the largest airbase on the peninsula.
  • Explosions in the city of Kerch, Crimea, which launched an air alert on the territory of Crimea. 
  • Explosions in the ammunition depot of the  237th tank regiment of the russian army.

  • The base of the russian invaders in the occupied Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson oblast  (Aug. 17). At least 12 occupants were destroyed along with the equipment.
  • Next day a series of explosions in the city again.  The Ukrainian military struck the Kakhovska  HPP bridge once more, which is one of the crossings over the Dnipro to the Kherson oblast.
  • The headquarters of russian mercenaries from  the private military company “Wagner” was hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the town of  Popasna, Luhansk oblast. As a result, at least  100 “Wagnerians” could have been liquidated.
  • Ukrainian partisans damaged the railway bridge near the occupied Melitopol. It was used to transport military equipment and weapons from  Crimea.
  • An explosion in the center of Melitopol, where one of the occupiers’ command posts was located.


  • 24 vessels have already departed from Ukrainian ports as part of the implementation of the  Initiative on the safe transportation of agricultural products.
  • They have more than  600,000 tons of food on  board.
  • In the first half of August – the first two weeks of the Grain Initiative in action – Ukraine increased exports of agricultural products by 65%  (Ukrainian Agribusiness Club).
  • Managed to export 2 million tons of agro-industrial products within 15  days of August 2022.

The structure of the export of agricultural products in the first half of August 2022 was as follows:

Grain Crops

1.1 million tons (corn – 62%, wheat –  29%, barley – 9%). Growth compared to  the previous month: +60%

Oil Crops

459.1 thousand tons (rape seeds – 60%,  sunflower seeds – 21%, soybeans – 19%).  Growth: +68%

Vegetable Oils

197.9  thousand  tons  (sunflower  oil  –  93%, soybean oil – 7%). Growth: +64%

Cake/Meal after extraction of vegetable oils

204.4  thousand  tons  (sunflower  –  90%,  soybean – 10%). Growth: +278%.

  • During the specified period, the export of oilseeds increased significantly.
  • In this category, there are significant changes in the export structure, namely a decrease in the share of sunflower seeds and an increase in the share of rapeseed.
  • This is due to the harvesting of rapeseed, which is almost over in  Ukraine, and the export orientation of this crop.
  • The main achievement of the first half of August 2022 is the start of operation of the  seaports of the Odesa oblast.
  • The restoration of this channel from August 1, 2022, partially allowed for an increase in export volumes. However, it should be noted that so far the volumes of shipments through these ports are insignificant compared to their maximum capabilities. However, there is every reason to hope that the volume of exports through this channel will be increased.
  • Railroad transportation is overloaded with trains standing at the borders totaling 8,5 th of railroad cars with ag commodities. It is 15% less than last month. The success is reached first of all due to the optimization of transportation through Moldova.


As of August 18, 25.7 million tons of grain  and oil crops of the new crop were  harvested in Ukraine, including:

  • 4.3 million ha of wheat were threshed  (91% of the forecast), with an average  yield of 40 tons/ha, 17.4 million tons  were threshed;
  • 1.5 million ha of barley were threshed  (96% of the forecast), with an average yield of 34.5 tons/ha, and 5.3 million tons were threshed.
  • 3 million tons of rapeseed (98% of the area) were harvested with an average yield of 28.4 tons/ha.


We have received the donation of 11 windows and milking equipment by the owner of the  Prydniprovske Private Farm in Cherkasy oblast –  Petro Andrushchenko.

Another donation of three refrigerators for milk and dairy products were donated by the owner of Brusylivski  Kovbasy LLC – Mykhailo Kompanets.

The items have been collected and will be delivered to Alla and Iryna next week.


  • Ukrainian charity foundation of Serhiy Prytula raised 20 mln USD for purchasing three military drones Bayraktar, but the Turkish factory provided them for free.
  • Thus, the money was spent for renting a satellite from finish company ICEYE. It is using the SAR technology which combines multiple spectrums of observation live and can provide information at any conditions.
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