Current War Situation in Ukraine (August 9 update)

Current War Situation in Ukraine

On July 29, russian troops shelled colony №120 in occupied Olenivka, Donetsk oblast. The invaders held captive Ukrainian military personnel (including soldiers from Azov Stal) and civilians there. As a result of the attack, about 53 people died, and about 130 were injured. The russians tried to shift all the blame to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, the shelling carried out by the Ukrainian military is accurate, thought out, and tracked.

The russians shelled one of Mykolaiv’s districts on the same day. The bomb hit near a public transport stop. As a result, 5 people died on the spot, 12 were injured, and two more died later in the hospital.

As for now, the front line is 1000 kilometers. It is as long as a car ride from Barcelona to Warsaw. Therefore, firstly the Ukrainian military should guard the borderline with belarus, which is currently inactive in hostilities but may become so at any moment. Secondly, they need to hold on attacks of russia on the 1000 kilometers line, which is an active war line.

Ukrainian forces have the priority to retake Kherson. The russians want to organize a referendum in September to join Kherson in russian territory. This is precisely what they did with Donetsk and Luhansk, creating people’s republics. Russia (according to its rules) will be able to control and defend these territories by annexing them (considering the possibility of using nuclear weapons).

On the evening of July 26, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck in the area of the Antonivsky bridge, which connects occupied Kherson with the left bank of the Dnipro river, which is also controlled by the russians. The bridge has important strategic importance for the russian army. It is one of the possible ways to provide weapons and ammunition to the groups of occupiers troops stationed in Kherson and on the right bank. Damage to the bridge complicates logistics for the enemy and prevents them from fully supplying their forces with fuel, weapons, shells, and products. In addition, the destruction of the Antonivskyi bridge blocks the russians’ path of retreat.

The good news is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine freed Andriivka and Lozove (Kherson oblast).

In the east, russian forces are trying to advance in Donetsk. Unfortunately, they have captured Ukraine’s second largest power station (eastern Donetsk). On July 18 as a result of shelling, a two-story building was destroyed in the Donetsk oblast. 6 people died, and 2 were injured.


Over 1 month, HIMARS systems destroyed 50 russian warehouses with ammunition. Important infrastructure was damaged, including military equipment, transport, and barracks. Artillery fire decreased by 10 times in some directions.

Agricultural fields are the second battlefields in this war. One of the outrageous actions that russians are taking is burning the fields with the ready-to-harvest crops. On July 27, more than 200 hectares of barley burned near Chornobayivka due to enemy shelling (Kherson oblast). Also, winter barley caught fire near Preobrazhenka village. 50% of the field was burned (damages – $16,300). On July 20 in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast (close to the hostilities), a russian tank fired at harvesters doing their job in the field. People managed to survive.

On July 20 in the Zolochiv community, 2 fields with ripe wheat caught fire due to shelling. As a result, 60 hectares were destroyed, and 66 hectares were saved. In Kharkiv oblast, more than 130 hectares of grain crops have been destroyed.

On July 27, as a result of shelling, 230 hectares of wheat were burned (Mykolaiv oblast). Some fields with barley and wheat were also burned.


On July 23, in the Kyiv oblast (Andriyivka village), a tractor blew up on an anti-tank mine. The driver was not injured.

The Kharkiv oblast is heavily shelled every day. On July 24 in Kulynychi (Kharkiv oblast) a 39-year-old tractor driver died due to an explosion.

On July 26, a John Deere combines exploded during harvest in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast.

On July 20 russians shelled a residential district in Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk oblast). Two people were killed, and 9 were wounded, including 4 children. The youngest is three years old.
On July 23 russians damaged the National University of Urban Economy named after O.M. Beketova (Kharkiv oblast). Residential buildings and office premises were also damaged.

On July 25 two russian missiles hit an agricultural enterprise in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast. Two hangars caught fire. No one was injured.

On July 28 russians attacked the Vyshgorod district of Kyiv oblast. 7 missiles were fired. They hit the military unit in Lutezh. 15 people were injured.

On July 28 russians attacked Kropyvnytskiy. There were two hits in the hangars of the flight academy of the National Aviation University.12 military and 13 civilians were wounded. 5 people were killed.

On July 28 there was a massive missile attack on Mykolaiv. A school, yacht club, the warehouse of an agro-industrial enterprise, and farm buildings were fully or partially damaged.

On July 29 at night, the occupiers fired more than 40 rockets at Nikopol. In the morning, they shelled the center of Kharkiv. The higher educational institution was damaged.

The calculation of losses due to russian invasion in Bucha (Kyiv oblast)  is more than $191,3 million:

  • 2,514 buildings damaged (301 completely destroyed):
  • 861 private houses;
  • 122 apartment buildings;
  • 875 farm buildings;
  • 149 townhouses;
  • 202 garages.

The losses of the russian army from 24.02 to 09.08: personnel – about 42 640 persons were liquidated; tanks ‒ 1 817; APV  ‒ 4 076; artillery systems – 964, MLRS – 261; anti-aircraft warfare systems – 133; aircraft – 223 ,helicopters – 193; vehicles and fuel tanks – 2 998; boats, cutters – 15; UAV operational-tactical level – 757; special equipment – 87; cruise missiles – 185.

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