Current War Situation in Ukraine (July 11 update)

Current War Situation in Ukraine

The hot spot of military operations in Ukraine remains in the east of the country, namely the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Russian forces have an advantage in artillery and are trying to encircle Ukrainian troops there. Unfortunately, they pushed the Ukrainian army from Severodonetsk and Lysychansk – cities that were significantly important military points in that area. The reason for this decision is to save the lives of civilians and soldiers. They retreated to more fortified positions to recover and resupply. Ukrainian positions in the south remain under constant shelling. Russian troops are continuing to attack Ukrainian positions north of Kharkiv.



There remains another threat from the north, namely from the territory of belarus. The russian army launches missiles at Ukrainian cities from belarusian territory. They use their airfields to take off and shell Ukraine. The self-proclaimed president of belarus gave russia permission for this, although it is known that belarusian troops do not want to enter the war. However, the belarusian military is digging trenches near the borders of Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine officially stated that the threat of an attack by belarus still exists. That is why the territories bordering belarus are highly controlled by Ukrainian troops. These territories are sufficiently protected and mined.

The good news is that Ukrainian forces retook Zmiinyi Island  – the northwestern part of the Black Sea. It is strategically important for the control of the northwestern part of the Black Sea and the cities and settlements of the coastal line. It allows controlling of trade sea routes, including grain export routes, which is significant today.

The losses of the russian army from 24.02 to 11.07: personnel – about 37.400 (+100) persons were liquidated; tanks ‒ 1.645 (+4); APV  ‒ 3.828 (+5); artillery systems – 838 (+4), MLRS – 247 (+0); anti-aircraft warfare systems – 109 (+1); aircraft – 217, helicopters – 188 (+0); vehicles and fuel tanks – 2.696 (+2); boats, cutters – 15 (+0); UAV operational-tactical level – 676; special equipment – 66 (+0); cruise missiles – 155.

Below you can see the map of the airstrikes coming to Ukrainian territory from various sites. Russian planes fly from the territory of russia to the border of belarus; from there, they launch missiles on the territory of Ukraine, and then return back to russia. They do this because in Ukraine anti-aircraft systems work quite well, but, unfortunately, anti-missile systems are successful approximately by 30 to 45%. For example, out of 14 missiles that russia fires at Ukrainian cities, they can shoot down about 4-5. However, in some cities, these anti-missile systems are better, in others, unfortunately, worse. 



On June 26, at 6.30 a.m., russian missiles struck Kyiv again. Fourteen rockets were fired at the capital. They hit residential buildings in the center. As a result, one person died, and 6 people were injured (including children). The woman of the family which suffered the most has russian citizenship (this was confirmed by her passport, which was found under the rubble). Her husband died covering their daughter from the rubble. This house was attacked early in the morning while people were peacefully sleeping in their flats. The rocket also hit the yard of the kindergarten. Fortunately, no one was hurt. That day, Ukraine was attacked with 46 missiles.


Rivne oblast, which is located in the north of Ukraine, was also shelled. Missiles hit a car service station in Sarny. Three people were killed and four injured.


One of the biggest tragedies of this war happened on June 27, at 4 p.m. Missiles hit a shopping center in Kremenchuk (central Ukraine). About 1,000 people were in the mall at that moment, including children and pregnant women. At least 20 people were killed, 58 injured, and 36 people are missing. It is reported that the body parts of 28 different people were found.


Mykolaiv is a southern Ukrainian city, home to the second-largest port in Ukraine, located on the Dnipro River. Fortunately, russian troops did not capture this port. However, they continue to heavily bombard the city with rockets and artillery every day. On June 29, Russian forces hit a high-rise apartment building in Mykolaiv (June 29). As a result, 8 civilians were killed and 6 were injured.

On the 2nd of July, missiles struck an apartment building and two holiday camps near Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Odessa. In a high-rise building hit by a russian rocket, 16 civilians were killed, and 38 were injured, five of them are children aged 3 to 17. It was possible to save 7 people, including a pregnant woman. Five people, including a 10-year-old boy, died at the “Goji” holiday camp. One person was injured. In total, 21 people died, 39 were injured, and were hospitalized. Two of them are in critical condition.

Unfortunately, the russians also hit strategically important objects. On June 26 missiles hit a strategic bridge near Ukraine’s Cherkasy city. The bridge connects western regions with eastern battle zones. This bridge was used both for military purposes and for the export of grain and supplies of inputs to the eastern part.

As for the situation in the occupied areas, russians seized the office of agricultural machinery dealer John Deere in Melitopol. The main business of the new “owners” is the trade-in grain, including stolen from Ukrainian farmers.

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