Current War Situation in Ukraine (September 28 update)

Current War Situation in Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have retaken approximately 8500 sq km (2,317 sq miles) of Kharkiv oblast. Ukraine tricked russian forces by saying they would prioritize counter-offensive operations in the south, but in reality, they went to the northeast. The occupiers were not expecting the attack from that side and left their belongings and everything they were trying to steal from people’s houses. As a result, Ukrainian warriors succeeded in pushing them back almost to the Luhansk oblast. Ukrainians liberated over 388 towns (150 thsnd. people).

In the southeast, there were freed two important towns from a military standpoint – Izyum and Kupiansk. These towns were key hubs for the supply of russian forces in Donbas.

Unfortunately, a massive burial was found on the outskirts of Izum. More than 460 new graves appeared during the occupation of Kharkiv oblast. Most of the bodies were with the signs of torture. This is the genocide of Ukrainians, which the russians call “denazification”. This is another Bucha and Irpin. Russians destroy Ukrainians on purpose. They came to Ukraine having the lists of the patriots in each of the towns to visit them first. They were moving into Ukrainian territory with mobile crematoriums. They purchased 40 th. corpse bags, not for their soldiers…

2 torture chambers were found in another big town of Kharkiv oblast Balaklia. This town was under occupation for over half a year. 10 torture rooms were found in de-occupied Kharkiv territories in total.

In response to the counteroffensive, the russian army shelled Kharkiv CHP-5, Zmiivska TPP, and three high-voltage substations. The Kharkiv oblast borders the russian oblast of Belgorod. That is why it is still under constant shelling. More than 70% of buildings are severely damaged in all occupied cities in Kharkiv.

Unfortunately, about a fifth of the country is still under russian control. The front line is 2500 km, 1300 km of which are under active fighting (as of September 20).

A Ukrainian counterattack in the Kherson oblast continues. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actually moving to the south. A lot of russian troops were stuck in the Kherson oblast because all the bridges are destroyed there. This is the reason they will not be able to escape as quickly as it was in Kharkiv (in the northeast). The russian soldiers regularly use barges to supply food and necessary equipment there.

On the 23rd of September, pseudo- referendums started in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia oblasts). Russians and traitors are walking with machine guns through the streets inviting people to vote. If they see that people are not supporting russia and are not willing to vote, they forced them to do it with machine guns.  In such a way they attempt to legitimize illegal military actions in Ukraine. World leaders said that they would not recognize these referendums and new annexations of Ukrainian territory.

On September 21, putin announced a partial military mobilization in russia. He said that those who are in the reserve, who have military specialties and experience will be mobilized. After putin’s speech, Minister of Defense serhiy shoigu said that about 300,000 people should be conscripted. However, there is a point which says that it might be up to 1 million people. After this announcement, a lot of people started to escape from russia. All the flights abroad were sold out, airports were full of people. All the routes outside of russia, borders with Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Finland are full of men trying to escape.

Russian Defense Minister serhiy shoigu said that at the moment, russia has lost 5,937 soldiers in the war in Ukraine. At the same time, he said that Ukraine’s losses amount to more than 100,000 soldiers killed and wounded. According to official data of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and foreign sources, russia’s actual losses are as follows:

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