Current War Situation in Ukraine (April 22 Update)

Current War Situation in Ukraine (April 22 Update)

  • russian forces continue attacks  along the Svatove-Kreminna line.  tough fighting continue in  Bakhmut;
  • attacks along the Avdiivka-  Donetsk City line.
  • russians strengthen their  positions in southern Ukraine,  preparing for a potential  Ukrainian counteroffensive.
  • Representatives of the wagner group told that they committed violence  against children in Ukraine.
  • They killed children because they got an order to not leave anyone alive in  Soledar and some parts of Bakhmut.
  • The youngest was 5 years old.
  • The other told that he shot minor children in Bakhmut because of tattoos.  He killed approximately 24 children from 15 to 17 years old.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed six brigades of the russian army  during the last two months;
  • 70-80% of the elite troops of the russian army have been destroyed.

As of April 21, 2023:

  • 21 oblasts have already started field operations by the beginning of April (in  2022 – 15 oblasts).
  • 1 mln ha of spring crops have already been planted in Ukraine;
  • It is 18 % of the projected grains and legumes area in 2023 — 5.457 mln ha
  • (2022: 5.906 mln ha);
  • 278.4 K ha of grains and legumes were planted last week;  In 10 oblasts planting of sugar beet is in progress;
  • Sumy oblast is the leader in planting corn – 34,4 K ha (total – 137,3 K ha).

Source: The Agrarian Ministry


  • Since the beginning of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, about 27,7 mln tons of  agricultural products have been exported (including 7.5 mln tons of wheat (56% of its  export in the current 2022/23 season), 13.9 mln tons of corn (60 %)).
  • March (2023) – 3.8 mln tons were shipped from Ukrainian seaports (including 908 th.  tons of wheat, 2,3 mln tons of corn).
  • April 3-9 (2023) – during the 36th week of operation of the “grain corridor” 655.9 K  tons of agricultural products were exported, which is 23% less than a week before.
  • April 11 and 17 – russia blocked the operation of the “grain corridor”  twice in almost 9 months.
  • During these days, not a single vessel was inspected.
  • russian representatives are trying to impose their own criteria for  determining the order of ships.
  • Less than half of the planned 10 inspections are carried out every day.  Over the past 3 months, the world has not received 10 mln tons of  Ukrainian food, and this negative trend is gaining momentum.

‼ russia threatens to withdraw from the "grain agreement" (May 18)‼

There will be no extension unless the West meets the demands of russia:

  • to remove obstacles to the export of Russian grain and fertilizer;
  • to reconnect russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank) to the SWIFT payment  system;
  • to resumpt supplies of agricultural machinery and parts;
  • to lift restrictions on insurance and reinsurance;
  • to resumpt of the Togliatti-Odesa ammonia pipeline;
  • to unblock assets and the accounts of russian companies involved in food and  fertilizer exports.

Import Ban for Ukraine

  • Hungary and Poland banned imports of grain and other food from  Ukraine in order to protect the local agricultural sector;
  • EU countries were not the final point of destination for Ukrainian grain,  which followed to African and Asian countries through European ports;  Due to low cost of Ukrainian grain, a vast part remained in the EU  countries, which influenced the inner prices.


“Ukrainian  agricultural  exports may decrease by 8-  10% due to the ban of imports  of agricultural products by  Poland, Slovakia and Hungary”

Taras Vysotskyi, Ministry of Agrarian  Policy and Food of Ukraine

  • According to the assessment of European Commission, farmers from  Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia lost €417 mln.
  • Inspections of Ukrainian products by the Czech supervisory authorities  did not reveal an unsatisfactory sample. Thus, they are not going to ban  the import.
  • Grain exports to Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia increased from
  • $24 mln in 2021 to $2.4 bln last year.

From April 21, new laws for the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products  through the territory of Poland will come into force.

❗❗❗ Additional control measures include:

  • electronic seals (free for Ukrainian carriers);
  • cargo tracking in the SENT system;
  • physical escort of goods on the territory of Poland from April 21 to 26.
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