Current War Situation in Ukraine (May 19 Update)

Current War Situation in Ukraine

  • Almost 20 square kilometers were liberated on the Bakhmut direction.
  • russian army advances in Bakhmut, completely destroying the city with artillery.
  • 90% of Bakhmut is till under russian control;
  • They involve professional paratroopers. Thus, the fightings are difficult.
  • Bakhmut and Maryinka continue to be the epicenter of hostilities.

‼️ How many kilometers of roads would be filled if the liquidated Russians were laid out on them? They would surround the megacities of Russia ‼️

More than 200,000 russian occupiers killed.

This can be compared with armies of Moldova, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, and Kazakhstan combined.

  • From the beginning of May, russia launched 10 attacks on Kyiv.
  • On May 16 (at night), they committed the most intense attack from different directions and using different weapons.
  • There were 6 Kinzhal aero-ballistic missiles, 9 cruise missiles from ships in the Black Sea and 3 land-based S-400 cruise missiles. All targeted the capital.
  • A little bit later they launched drones.
  • All the weapons (18 missiles and 6 drones) were destroyed by Ukrainian Air Defenders.
  • Falling debris caused damage in districts of the capital. Three people were injured.
  • The 9th attack began on the 17th of May (at 9 p.m.).
  • russian occupiers launched several waves of missile attacks from different directions.
  • A total of 30 sea-, air-, and land-based cruise missiles were used.
  • 29 were shot by Ukrainian air defense forces.
  • Falling debris caused fires in two districts of Kyiv.
  • One person died and two wounded in Odesa.

    The 10th attack (May 19, 2023):

    • The attack began with Shahed drones.
    • 16 drones out of 22 were destroyed by Ukrainian forces.
    • Moreover, 3 Kalibr missiles were shot (out of 6).

As of the beginning of 2023

  • 30% of the territory of Ukraine is mined, which is more than 174 K km2.
  • It is approximately like two Austrias (83,871 km2).
  • The terrorist country uses the explosive items that cannot be detected by metal detectors and are prohibited worldwide. They often leave these items in children’s rooms of residential buildings (Serhii Kruk, SES Head).
  • Special equipment can speed up this process (Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov).
  • Currently, Ukraine experiences a shortage of sappers.

    It may take 35 years for demining Ukraine with the currently available resources.
    Ukraine needs at least 5,000 specialists for demining.

Bakhmut fields

  • The two largest agricultural enterprises of the Bakhmut district lost almost 30,000 ha of agricultural land due to the war.
  • The losses of the agrarian and industrial enterprises of Donetsk oblast due to the war are estimated at 2 billion 869.7 million UAH.
  • Currently, 643.7 K ha are under temporary occupation, which is 36% of the area that was controlled by Ukraine before the full-scale invasion.


Planting of spring crops (2023)
As of May 19, 2023

4.7 mln ha of grain and legumes were planted in Ukraine:

  • spring wheat — 256.9 K ha;
  • spring barley — 759.6 K ha;
  • peas – 132.7 K ha;
  • oats — 143.1 K ha;
  • corn — 3.266 mln ha;
  • buckwheat — 43.3 K ha;
  • millet — 24.7 K ha;
  • other cereals and legumes — 66.6 K ha.


  • Planting of sugar beets is coming to an end. 207.4 K ha has already been planted.
  • 3.966 mln ha of sunflower have been planted (forecast – 5.6 mln ha) .


Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


As of May 17, 2023

  • The occupiers are transporting stolen Ukrainian grain through Feodosia.
  • They used the Syrian vessel Souria.
  • Earlier, russian occupation forces wanted to steal a cargo of wheat from the ship Lady Augusta (flag – Jamaica) of a Brazilian ship owner.

CMC’s Matros Pozynich transits Bosphorus carrying 27200t stolen wheat from occupied Sevastopol to Tartus (May 9, 2023)

Black sea grain initiative

  • Since the beginning of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, about 30,2 mln tons of agricultural products have been exported.
  • May 1-7, 2023 (the 40th week of operation) 404 K tons of agricultural products were exported (10% less than a week before).
  • May 8-14, 2023 (the 41st week of operation) 550,3 K tons of agricultural products were exported, which is 36% more than a week before.
  • During the 41st week of operation of the “grain corridor” not a single vessel passed an entrance inspection and no vessel was registered for an entrance inspection.
  • Currently, 60 vessels are awaiting inspection.


  • May 17 – Turkish officials have reported that russia agrees to remain a member of the “grain agreement” for now.
  • The grain agreement was extended for 60 days.
  • The requirements of russia remain the connection of “Rosselkhozbank” to the SWIFT system, and the removal of “obstacles” to the export of agricultural products and fertilizers.

Ukrainian traditions – Vyshyvanka

  • On the 18th of May, the Day of Vyshyvanka was celebrated in Ukraine.
  • The celebration falls annually on the third Thursday in May. Vyshyvanka Day has been celebrated since 2006.
  • Vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt.
  • It’s not just a piece of clothes. It is a symbol of identification of the Ukrainian people.
  • Each oblast in Ukraine has its own traditional pattern.


  • Vyshyvanka has served as a talisman against all evil for people in Ukraine.
  • We believe that vyshyvanka has great power and can work miracles.
  • Ukrainians encode their happiness and destiny, life and will in the national dress.
  • Vyshyvanka carries spiritual wealth, wisdom and connection of many generations.
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