Family Dairy Farms Project

Family Dairy Farms Project

In 2017, the first investment impact project in rural area “Family Dairy Farms” was launched in Ukraine with the support of Ukrmilkinvest company. Today the project embraces 164 family farms in 12 regions of Ukraine, 37 of which are in the war zone and are on the verge of extinction. All farms are united in a form of geographical clusters where we, as project company, try to provide them with feed (silos, silage), heifers, veterinary and consultancy services, medicines for herd, etc.




We planned to open over 5 000 family dairy farms till 2027. But after the war had been unleashed we faced a great сhallenge to keep on the project working – not speaking about its expansion.


No need to say that farmers severely suffer from a lack of feed, fuel and difficulties in sales. Some dairies have reduced the purchase of milk from farmers or buy it at a low price. Reasons: difficulties in purchasing packaging, rising costs or complete lack of fuel for milk trucks.

In addition, husbands were mobilized in some families, and wives were left with children to run the household, which is extremely difficult. They need to hire additional labor from their villages.


We consider any type of assistance that can be suitable for You:

  • Donation and humanitarian help (e.g. veterinary meficines, feed for calves, etc.)
  • Loan financing through the credit union that we deliberately created in Ukraine for financing the farmers
  • Long-term leasing of write-off or second hand equipment for dairy farming and feed growing

How can you help

We appeal to all international communities and to everyone personally with a request to help Ukrainian farmers!

Any of your contributions, even a few dollars, will be a great support for farmers and will give the opportunity to keep on operating farms and survive in these tough times.

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