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The World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine is a charity fundraising project

aimed to help Ukrainian village citizens rebuild their homes and restore their small ag production capacities

after damage by russian military forces.



Oleksandr Kryvosheia

Oleksandr Krivosheia’s Farm specializes in growing sunflower, wheat and corn. As a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, Oleksandr’s farm, like many other enterprises in the Kyiv region, lost some of the machinery, production facilities and equipment necessary for productive activities. The russian military stole from Olexander's farm and destroyed many construction tools, including wrench sets, a drill, a generator, and a mini washer.

Iryna Shevchenko

Iryna and her daughter were always on the territory of the house during the fighting. On March 7, the first shelling of the village took place. On the next day the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered their village. On March 15, 2022, russian’s rocket hit the Iryna’s barn directly, as a result of which the barn, summer kitchen and storage room were destroyed. The blast smashed windows in the house and shattered the walls. Two pigs and chickens died.

Alla Melnyk

Family lived in the house during 10 days of their village occupation. When the children began to lose consciousness from endless shots and explosions. Mother and brother stayed in the village. They lived in the cellar all the time. While retreating, russian troops destroyed everything they met — schools, private houses, maternity hospitals. The house of the Alla`s family is completely destroyed and uninhabitable. The family is currently living with friends and relatives.


Dr. Charles Stoltenow

Higher Education Administrator, Extension Program Leader, and Professor, NDSU. USA

Neal Kinsey

Owner and chief managing director at Kinsey Agricultural Services Inc., Missouri. USA

Cameron Peirce

The sixth generation farmer, at Lincoln Township of Hutchinson, Kansas. USA

Jeffrey Kostiuk

Hemp Genetics International director of operations, Central Canada, U.S. & international. Canada

Dr. Steven Van Vleet

Regional Extension Specialist at Washington State University. USA

Nate Blum

Nate Blum is Executive Director at The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board. USA

Dr. Raymond Ward

Founder and president of Ward Laboratories, Inc. USA

Kelley Tilmon

Professor in the department of entomology at Ohio State University. USA

Paul Bilsborrow

Senior Lecturer in the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University. UK

Yurii Lysak

Chief Agronomist at Agro-Region Group of Companies. Ukraine

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PayPal account of our partnered NGO in the USA – LifeNets, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

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