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Family Dairy Farms Project

Today the project embraces 164 family farms in 12 regions of Ukraine, 37 of which are in the war zone and are on the verge of extinction. All farms are united in a form of geographical clusters where we, as project company, try to provide them with feed (silos, silage), heifers, veterinary and consultancy services, medicines for herd, etc.

Helping a family from Buzova village

Family lived in the house during 10 days of their village occupation. When the children began to lose consciousness from endless shots and explosions, family was forced to leave their home across the field to the other village. Mother and brother stayed in the village. They lived in the cellar all the time. The house is located near the Zhytomyr highway. This is the road on which enemy vehicles were moving towards Kyiv.

Helping a farmer to rebuild

Farmer from Kyiv Region needs help to rebuild Kryvosheia is the owner of the farm.   Address   Kozarovichi village, Kyiv region.Family His wife, Elena, worked as an accountant at his company. They have two children – 5-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter.About the farm   Oleksandr Krivosheia’s Farm (Soloviine …